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ClixMX is Back

ClixMX is back! For almost 1 month's down ClixMX shows up again.
Here's a note from ClixMX admin

New script
The new script is still not completely finished. I had to put the site online today because you deserve it, but there are a couple of sections not working (contact form and advertisement), those two should be ready this weekend.

As I was installing the site, I detected a bug in the list of referrals. This does not affect you earning, but the manual replacement system. To avoid problems, I deactivated that part too. I should be ready in a few hours.

I have tested the script as much as I can, but I know there can still be some bugs here and there. Please, I you detect anything wrong, let me know.

New features
Some of the new things in the site (and there are more coming soon) are:
- New PIN for all accounts. Before you can start using the site, you must provide a secret PIN. This PIN will be used when requesting payments, updating your profile, etc.
- You can now buy Premium Membership, Referrals and Advertisement with your balance as well as with AlertPay of course.
-We now have a six month premium membership available.
-Manual replacement of inactive referrals. You will be able to replace your inactive referrals for a small fee that can also be paid with your balance.
- Minimum number of clicks to request payment for standard members is set to 50 ads. Premium members don’t have this restriction. I have set that number to 50 for all standard members so they can request payment immediately.
- All referral packages include advertisement credits that you can use to promote your site. I am confident this will increase the number of ads a lot.
- You can see where your pending payments will be sent (AP account) and will have the option to cancel those pending payments.

There are other new features to prevent cheaters and fraud, but you most probably won’t even notice those. We will continue working.

Pending purchases
There were some pending purchases when the server went down. This is how we will handle them.

Advertisements: I will double the number of ads and activate them today.
Memberships: Accounts will be upgraded today.
Referrals: I will wait to see which members come back, and I will only deliver referrals that click after today. This will reduce the possibility to get inactive referrals, but it will slow the delivery a day or two.

I you purchased something and do not receive it by Sunday, please send me a PM so I can see what went wrong.

Inactive members
I have set the last click date for all members as of yesterday to give everybody enough time to come back. The inactive referral system works normally, so inactive referrals will be deleted in 13 days or so.

I you purchased referrals and got them before the update, there is a chance that they will become inactive. I will monitor the activity of referrals purchased this month to see how they are doing. I will find the way to help you if MOST OF YOUR REFERRALS become inactive.

Please, don’t contact me requesting replacement of referrals purchased two months ago, or direct referrals. (yes it has happened)

Pending Payments
This is what you have been waiting for… and even though many of you won’t like what I had to do, there is no other solution.

All members will be paid, but I had to cancelled all pending. You can request again now, and will receive your money as usual.

We have a little over $57,000 in pending payments, and over $42,000 were to be paid during the last week. Due to our short waiting time, a week offline causes big delays in the payment system. To put it simple, we now are late to pay all premium members. If I didn’t cancelled all pending payments it will take us very long to catch up.

Now, if everybody requested payment today, we will have to pay over $42,000 in seven days… that is not possible. So to prevent “bankrupt” I have set a daily limit for payments. This means that we will not accept more than $5,000 in payment requests a day, and never more than $2,000 per member. This will help up divide the pending payments more evenly. So, if you receive a message stating that you can not request today, don’t worry and try a little later… remembering that now pending payments can be cancelled, and that will free funds for payments. Once we are stable again, I will eliminate that limit.

(There are only 3 members that might need an exception… contact me if you one)

Site design
As you can see we changed the color of the site. The original idea was to have at least three different designs, but with all the rush I didn’t feel that was a priority. So we are using the only one that was ready when the server went down. I will add more later.

As you can imagine I am behind in replying emails, PMs and posting in the forum. I will try to catch up during the weekend, but don’t take it personal if I don’t personally answer to your messages.

As you can see . it's one of the worth to join PTC today. What are you waiting for?
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