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Creating Liberty Reserve Account

1. Go to this site: LIBERTY RESERVE


3. On the same page, please fill the form along with your e-mail. then click "AGREE"

4. Check your e-mail, take a look at message sent by no_reply@libertyreserve.com. Find your activation code then copy it.

5. Enter the activation code you receive from no_reply@libertyreserve.com on your e-mail, then click "NEXT".

6. You will be directed to registration page.

Here's some explanation on the registration form:

Account Name : This name are used as your Liberty Reserve account name.

Password : Use the virtual keyboard provided by LIBERTY RESERVE. use a password with combination of leters and numbers, ex: abcde12345.

Re-enter Password : Repeat your password using the virtual keyboard provided by LIBERTY RESERVE.

Login PIN : Has 5 digits, This PIN are strongly important. Make sure you entered your most private number. This PIN are used whenever you want to login to your main account, and when you want to make any transaction. So, keep your PIN in the most secure place.

Re-enter Login PIN : Re-enter your login PIN for confirmation.

Security PIN : Has 3 digit, This PIN will sent to your e-mail after you finished creating your account. This PIN is your last security acces when you want to make transaction.

Security Question : It's better for you to choose "write your own". Write your private question about yourself.

Answer : Answer from the question above.

Personal Welcome message : You can write whatever you had in mind. This message, usefull for preventing you to enter fake/scam LIBERTY RESERVE site. Only original LIBERTY RESERVE know your personal welcome message.

First Name : Already explained.

Last Name : Already explained.

Company Name : You can leave it blank, or fill with your workplace.

Email : Already explained.

Address : You better fill with .

City : Already explained.

Country : Already explained.

State/Region : Already explained.

ZIP/Postal code : Already explained.

Phone : Already explained.

Date of Birth : Already explained.

Enter Turning Number : Enter the 4 digit number you see on the box.

Click “AGREE”.

Wait for a moment, untill you directed to page "Registration is Complete"

You will be noticed what is you account number, example: U1234567

You can also check your e-mail to know what is your Liberty Reserve acc number.

Congratulations, now you have a Liberty Reserve account.

Next, you can fill your account with you Country exchangers. Remember! Not all exchangers for real, some of them are SCAM. You can see the list of exchangers approved by Liberty Reserve here.

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