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Get Paid to Post

Paid to Post is a program that offers compensation for each program/site/product review you posted on your site/blog. This program is the other safe but not an easy program to join. It's safe because you don't need to deposit anything, and it's not easy because you have to had some good ability to review "something".

"How do I get paid and how they get money to pay me?"
They will pays you for every review you posted on your site or your blog, Paid to Post site will ask you to review advertiser program/site/products. They get the money to pay you from advertiser that pays their site to ask their members to review the advertisers program/site products.

The logic's like this:
Another site pay Paid to Post site to review their program/site/product > You review the advertiser program/site/product on your site/blog > Paid to Post site pays you.

Here's a great Paid to Post site:


"What requirement's do I need to join this program"
Site/blog, and capabilty to review other site/program/product.

"How much do I get paid?"
Depends on how much review you've done, generally you'll get $10 to $100 a day.

"How to get more earning?"
The most thing is you must have a blog or website with enough traffic.
Then you can review 1 to program/site/product every day.

For blog, you can go to google.com and type "blogger" or "wordpress" (without quote).
There's a lot of good sites with enough explanation on how to start to make a blog.
If you have a site/blog, and if you interested in this programs, you can join it below.



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