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Get Paid to Read E-mail

Paid to Read is a program where you get paid when you read your e-mail and click on advertisement link. Paid to Read is very simple and easy

"How do I get paid and how they get money to pay me?"
You will get paid when you receive an e-mail from the program and click on advertisement link. Advertiser pays Paid to Read site to advertise their site. And Paid to Read site offers you to earn money by receiving their e-mail and clicks on their ads.

The logic's like this:
Advertiser request Paid to Read E-mail site, to send their member e-mail to view their site> You read, click and visit the advertiser site > Paid to Read site pays you because you have view and visit the advertiser site.

Here's some great Paid to Read site:


"What requirement's do I need to join this program"
A sets of PC's with internet connection, and of course you have to had an E-mail.
And be ready to fill up your mailbox with almost hundred mail per month.

"How much do I get paid?"
Depends on a site and how many offers they have. Generally, they pays you $0.1 per completed offers.

"How to get more earning?"
You can earn more with joining more Paid to Read sites.
Or, having different e-mail, address, name, payment processor, and of course, IP address.
The more you receive an e-mail and click the ads link, the more you will get paid.

If you interested in this program you can join these program:



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