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How to Analyze SCAM PTC

1. First thing first, make sure that PTC site you're going to join are not listed in here.

2. Pick PTC sites that have a good design rather than a standard design. The reason is, if the Admin have enough capital for pay his/her members, he/she may have rent a good web designer to design his/her sites. But still, "Don't judge the book by it's cover" :)

3. Pick PTC sites that offers reasonable cost per click ratio. Look at the cost of their advertising plan. For example, cost of advertising plan in Buxify is $1.59 for 700 member visits, let's count 1.59 : 700 is 0.0022. The cost per click in Buxify is 0.001 per click. So 0.001 for clickers and 0.001 for admin. Make sense?

4. Look at their TOS, if there is no details about payment, forget it and stay away of it! Unless you want to donate your effort to them. :)

5. Look for their forum or support! If there aren't any of them, forget it and stay away of it! Unless you have super-clickers hand. :)

6. Open their forum and see their complaint list, if there is a lot of unsolve problem, forget it and stay away of it! Unless you have your hand insured. :)

7. Try asking online support, if their answer you more than 2x24 hours, forget it and stay away of it! Unless you have 6 fingers :)

8. Look at the payment proof, if it's OK... You might be safe.

9. Search in google, type "site name + scam" or "site name + payment proof" look at the result and read carefully.

The top list of PTC site that we already analyze ourself, and worth to join:



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