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Pay per Impression

Pay per Impression is a program that pays their members for every ads viewed by your site/blog visitors. Different from Pay per Click (PPC), at Pay per Impression, you don't need your visitors to click on the ads, you just need unique visitors to your site/blog.

"Why do I get paid and how they get money to pay me?"
They will pays you for every unique visitors to your site/blog based on CPM (Cost per Million). They get the money to pay you from the advertiser that put the advertisement on your site/blog.

The logic's like this:
Another site pay Pay per Play site to install audio ads on their members site/blog > You have the advertiser audio/ads installed on your site/blog > Pay per Play site pays you.

Here are some Pay per Play site:

Tribal Fusion
CPX Interactive
Value Click Media

"What requirement's do I need to join this program"
Site or Blog. Your site/blog languange must be in English.
Have more than 5000 visitors per day
Major visitors must be from United States or Europe

"How much do I get paid?"
Depends on the sites terms. You can check it directly to the sites.

"How to get more earning?"
The most thing is you must have a blog or website with enough traffic.
Having more than 1 site or blog is better. More site/blog = more chances you will get visitors.

For how to start make a blog, you can go to google.com and type "blogger" or "wordpress" (without quote).
There's a lot of good sites with enough explanation on how to start to make a blog.
If you have a site/blog, and if you interested in this programs, you can join it below.

Tribal Fusion
CPX Interactive
Value Click Media


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