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Watch out for this fake Liberty Reserve email.
Please reminds that Liberty Reserve will never sent out an email,
except for your outgoing and incoming transaction details.

I received This email 2 days ago:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for using a Liberty Reserve service. This letter was sent to validate your Liberty Reserve account.

As you may have noticed, Liberty Reserve's website was offline or undergoing various software upgrades a few weeks ago because of the need to apply some new security updates to the system. Everything is OK now but we need you to confirm your account with us. Please click on the following link and verify your account info by filling the form. This is done because there is a chance that some accounts do not function properly with the newly updated system and we would like to ensure that you are the genuine holder of the account. In case you don't fill all the fields, and an internal system conflict occurs between your account and system database, your Liberty Reserve account will be locked down for an unknown period of time.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Please click on the following link to verify your account:
(actual link from that address is http://libertyfeserve.com/en/customer/account/verify/)

For information and support please e-mail us at support@libertyreserve.com

Thank you.

As you can see, that link was Liberty Feserve, not Liberty Reserve. So, please be careful with email related to your payment processors account. Don't click any URL from email if you don't understand internet security. You could lose your account and your money

No program will ever send you an email asking you to download software in order to withdraw your earnings - or email a link to you to receive a prize award. Should you ever receive such an email delete it and don’t click on the link. These phishing emails are from someone scamming to get your earnings or personal information. If you are ever unsure if the email is from a particular program send the program a "contact us" and ask – you can be sure they’d prefer that than you being scammed.


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