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Free $ 24 / month with Payment Proof !!!

This is a great make money opportunity .
where you can make money without having to spend anything at all.
This Paid to Click Network has large community and active forums.
You don't need to upgrade, because it's now already $ 0.01 per ads clicked as free member.
Each site displays more than 20+ ads per day, that's 80+ ads per day you could click!

Then why MyBux Network?

As an advertiser:
The most important service to an advertiser is the traffic coming their way. We make sure our advertiser gets more than what they pay for, this means a huge amount of unique visitors from all around the globe.

They are many reasons to why you should choose us as your advertisement needs.

First, let's look at the most important thing, the price and benefits. We guarantee that you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars thanks to the prices we offer for our packages, and the more you buy, the cheaper it gets!

Secondly, the benefits for you. You will be receiving visitors from all around the world, outside visitors will not count in the package you purchase, you will be saving a lot of money, your sales will increase, your websites rank will rise and we guarantee satisfaction to all of our customers or we will meet your demands

And for you who want to make some cash:
Becoming a Member of the MyBux Networks is all about one thing, to make the money!

If you are one of those people who wants to make money online without spending a dollar, quarter, dime or penny, then this is why you should choose us!

We like to spoil our members by giving them up to $0.01 per advertisement view and up to 100% earnings from their direct referrals.

To spoil our members even more, we have placed 4 sites under the MyBux Networks so you can quadruple your earnings!

Yes, 4 sites! It means you can make profit 4 times !
No need to upgrade, because as a free member you've already earn $ 0,01 per click!

Let's count on the profit as a free member (no referrals):
There is more than 20+ ads per day on each site.
That means $ 0,01 (per click) x 20 (ads) x 30 (days) x 4 (sites)
That's $ 24 per month!

Now, imagine if you're an upgraded member with (5 referrals) on each site:
Your earnings based on above calculation = $ 24
Plus earnings from your referrals ($ 0,005 per referrals click) ,
It's $ 0.005 (per click) x 20 (ads) x 30 (days) x 5 (referrals) x 4 (sites) = $ 60
Minus referral buys $ 6.95 x 4 ( 5 referrals on each site ) worth $ 27.8
That's $ 24 + $ 60 - $ 27.8 = $ 56.2 for the first month and then $84 each month!

How about more refferals?
Count it yourself !!!

Yes, it's that simple how you can make money with this Paid to Click network!

No, I don't believe it!
OK, first things. You won't loose anything beside your time,
because you don't even need to pay for an upgrade.

Second things. The Payment Proof ! Not only small cash but also big cash
( Although it's not my payment proof, I'm just join this network a while ago )

Enough? Then Join Now !

You won't regret it ^_^


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