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Paid To Signup Tips and Tricks

Paid To Signup is free and easy, here's our tips about this programs.

1. Create a new e-mail. This e-mail is used only for this program.
You can make a new e-mail from Yahoo or GMail.
Don't forget to activate your new e-mail.

2. Visit this link International Offers.

3. International Offers accept Liberty Reserve and PayPal.
So make sure you have one of the account from those payment processor.

Make sure to clean you cookie.
There are cookie cleaner programs in your computer.
However, if you cannot find it there is a good cookie cleaner program.
Visit this site CCleaner, and download it.
Once you have the cookie cleaner program installed, click on "run cleaner".
This does not hurt your computer it might actually help it to run faster, but it will definitely help your offers to get credit quicker.

4. After you signup, you will be directed to members home page.
From there you can choose what you like to earn.
We suggested you to choose on PTS (Offers).
You can also get paid to click, but we don't recommend it because the ammount are so small.

5. On the PTS (Offers) page.

6. Click on the link or banner of the offer. You will be redirected to a website.

7. Join that website and confirm your membership by confirming the email in your emailbox.

8. To get credited, copy the confirmation email you received from that site and paste it into the box in PTS page area. Then click Submit this signup.

Pass the offers that requires you to spend your money
Just click Ignore to remove the offer from your list

Sometimes this can take longer but it also depends on the advertiser. When an offer is pending for too long (like 2 weeks or so), contact them so they have a look at it.

That's it !
We really recommend this site, because this site is really pay
For payment proof, go into google and type
intoffers.com payment proof
on the search box
You'll find that this site is really pay !

The other great site that has Paid to Signup offers is ClickersCompany


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