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PTC Tips and Tricks for Beginner

Use browser that support multi tab browsing
( We recommended to use Firefox 3 )
This will help to reduce your processor use, because there'll be less browser tab in your system.

Turn off your image setting
( Firefox 3 user :
Tools > Options > uncheck Load Images Automatically )
This will help to reduce your bandwith usage, because image file size much more larger than text file size.

Tricks if you open more than one PTC site
Usually, PTC site always opened in two frame, the small frame (countdown timer frame) and the big frame (ads frame). The tricks is when you click on ads, wait for about 4-5 seconds when the tab loading the ads, move your mouse and click below the ads frame, then press Esc or Stop button to stop the ads frame from loading. Just right after that, the countdown timer will start immediately. If the countdown timer frame not start, this means you stop the ads frame too fast.
Keep trying this tricks, because not all PTC site has the same countdown timer frame.


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